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Hello. Everyone is da hero because of doing great help you are doing amazing so so then we re going to be taking a look at one of the center hunter mods and warframe and it is going to be hunter adrenaline. This is one of the very common mods acquired from the operation plague store event. And this is quite easy to get so you can jump in and give this after 5 to 10 minutes this mods have a benefit similar to other master are currently in the game.

But also with a great addition if you combine them with the entire mod from the set collection. But today is going to be strictly about hunter adrenaline as we take a look at this box. See what the benefits are and see what we can hope to achieve when we get to it right here on warframe explain adrenaline is a mod just like rage. We gives you energy.

Whenever you take damage to your health and a rank of..

Zero it gives you 75. In return. And at a max rank. It gives you a total of 4 to 5 percent conversion.

Now for the sake of time in focus. We will ignore the set damage bonus for now and just focus on the energy game one of our percent damage conversion to energy means. That you have an enemy wrecking a havoc of 100 damage and on that 100 damage on health you get by 4 to 5 energy and if the enemy is dealing 1000 damage on your health. You will be getting back 450 in energy.

Assuming you have a pool that is higher than that now this applied on health and frames..

Like ash. Crowman eiders. Or in arrows will be very effective mainly because those enemies have a large health pool as you can push him all the way to a thousand something in with chroma and frames like nigel s most especially in idols and in arrows you can push those to around 4000 and that is a really great thing. However 45 percent might not be enough for a lot of us depending on your power strength and also your efficiency miles like blind rage will take a huge total energy efficiency in the game so you will need more than 45 percent to make an impact when using this mod and i even see some people who decided that they re not going to use rage mainly because they don t benefit as much from it.

However with the combination of rage in live strike and also using on adrenaline now it makes it a whole lot much better this mod combined with rage gives you a total of 85 percent damage conversion. All the way into energy. So this is a really great thing. If someone is dealing a hundred damage.

You will be getting back eighty five energy and if someone is dealing one thousand worth of damage on your health..

You will be getting back 850 energy now using this combination and setup on frames like ash or even nitrous or even frames like in arrows will show you the power of this mod ash taking about 600 damage. When you have already a thousand health pool will increase your entire energy pool by a maximum of 100 percent. Now considering that the frame have a low energy pool of around 400 taken. 600 damage means you can restore everything to about five hundred and something so this is a really great thing when it comes to setup.

Now this will also give a room for a lot of you want to do some strength build so switching walmart just for answer adrenalin will not really damage your entire build as you would assume now. This is also a bigger game changer for those who run on hysteria. Those who use serenity wukong s defy or those who even use frames. Like oberon now a lot of you guys do have some powerful bills out there and i ve seen them.

And i know you have a lot of hungry frames as well so this combination in my hope will fix that for you chances of survivor from adding this mod is also great and incredible..

I ve tested it and it has 100 effectiveness so this is going to get my stamp of approval. I approve of this mod. This is really amazing. It is incredible to use let me know what you think of a hunter adrenaline and if you will be trying out the setup in the future.

If this video helps give it a thumbs up and also subscribe to the channel for more warframe content. And as always it is the asana now i ll see you in the next one music. ” ..

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