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“I do not mein mag. But i enjoy playing her by lots she may be be confusing to play at first. But once you know everything there is to know this frame. You will definitely agree that she is one of the best and if not the best in dealing with end game.

Enemies the best way to fully understand mag is by knowing every metacritic detail of her abilities. So let s begin with her first ability pull this ability is pretty straightforward on what it does it offers good crowd control and moderate damage and its energy cost is fairly cheap that you can use this ability. Whenever you need it in addition enemies. That are killed by this ability will have a chance to drop energy orbs.

However. The damage is not that great against higher level enemies. It can be your killer ability at low levels. But it will only serve as your backup cc ability at higher level content.

One neat trick in using pull. Is by casting. It while you are in midair. This way enemies will be rag dolled for several seconds.

And will often take another couple of seconds to get up giving you enough time to react. The best part is this ability has no cooldown and you can yank enemies. At will any time you want just remember the yank effect is affected by ability strengthen if you want some dumb ragdoll fund then you must have at least 180 and above power strength on your mag build her second ability is called magnetized and this is mags. Most popular ability.

However there are some misconceptions about this ability that leads to the wrong usage first off magnetized is not the same as a bullet attractor while it s close to being one. It probably has more usage than that and it s extremely powerful to be compared to a mere bullet attractor. The thing about magnetized is that it will draw nearby enemies that are outside the bubble towards the magnetized target and then the bubble is attached to the target enemy and moves with them also magnetized increases damage against the target by a multiplier. Which is affected by ability strengths in addition all projectiles that pass through the magnetized bubble will be stopped and redirected to the center of the bubble.

If they impact an enemy they will deal damage to that enemy including any location hit modifiers while any active shards coming from your polarizability within range of the bubble will be drawn to its center. And will be added to its total damage. These shards will not be consumed and can be used by multiple magnetized bubbles so long as their duration has not expired. The raw damage of projectiles that impact the magnetized bubble will be added to the damage total for the magnetized bubble.

25. Of this damage will be dealt with all enemies within the bubble. Every half second as magnetic damage and then every time this damage ticks. The base damage of the tick is added to the damage dealt by magnetized when its detonates and if the target dies with magnetized active the bubble will detonate when its duration expires.

Dealing damage plus any bonus damage from ticks as blast damage within a specified range. But that s not all there is to know about magnetized. You should also know that critical hits and multi shot from hitscan weapons aren t taken into account when adding damage to the bubble. The shots will still be redirected.

But magnetized will only add the raw damage of one bullet to the absorbed damaged projectile weapons with mata sh. Don t have this restriction. However examples are the cyan rex and mara detron additionally. Only the projectiles damage is added this means that weapons like the toradora grease that deal most of their damage from an area of effect.

Rather than direct impact won t have that damage added to magnetized only projectiles that impact the bubble and polarized shards antek damage on top of all of those projectiles with punch through will continue to orbit the center of the bubble and continue to hit enemies until they either disappear failed to penetrate something or magnetized ends this doesn t benefit magnetizes tick damage. But it can still be useful to take into account our next two abilities may not be as popular as her magnetized ability. But mind you these two are one of the best when it comes to stripping enemy armors in the game mags fourth ability may be considered is a good way to just crowd control and give survivability. But when you equip the fracturing crush augment it becomes one of the most reliable abilities.

When it comes to stripping armors. The maxima that fracturing crush can strip is 80 percent and when you pair it with polarize you can totally strip enemy ar was no matter how high their levels are polarised does not only steel shields from enemies. But it also strips summers from enemies with armors in fact. The three biggest users of polarize are completely murdering groups of corpus healing.

Allies and of actives and following up an augmented crushed a strip remaining armor from enemies at high levels or just completely stripping them by itself. At low levels adding damage to magnetize while very nice is often a secondary or tertiary effect of any of the other uses with my current max setup. I can totally strip enemy armors with two casts of fracturing crush and then following it up with polarize but honestly you really don t need to totally strip enemy armors just lowering their armors is enough as remember you have your magnetized ability to apply the finishing touches by the way polarisers this augment called counter pulse. Which allows you to jams enemy weapons and disables robotic enemies for a set duration.

It s really a good form of crowd control. And it s best used in solo plays now this is the usual build. I use for mac during endgame plays like long endurance runs. It s a balanced build of power strength duration and range.

And it can fully maximize the potential of all max abilities. Some may like shorter duration for their magnetized to take advantage of the explosion damage but i prefer to have a longer duration since i am also using polarized more often polarized spread is somehow affected by duration that is why i need some to affect a lot of enemies. I still can get enact my magnetize at will though as i have the magnetized discharge augment. But that s not the only use of this augment as it can also crowd control enemies that are within the range of the magnetized bubble.

I also have fracturing crush to strip enemy armors and then redirection so i can have a bit of survivability works well with my fourth ability and does give me a lot of shields. Primed flow and streamline are basically for energy efficiency. My mag build is a custer build. So i really need a lot of energy and as well as efficiency in casting my abilities.

I did choose growing power to get the 80 armor strip capability of fracturing crush as well as increase the damage of my other abilities specially magnetized and last. But not the least vigilante pursuit for enemy radar. It s basically a personal preference. But i wish you try it as it will definitely be useful in terms of enemy.

Parting especially when you are doing solo long endurance runs so that s how i play maggot endgame levels. I hope after seeing this video you have gained a lot of about this awesome frame. I really suggest you try out my build as it s really fun especially against endgame levels like long survival runs. But before you do don t forget to give this video a like and subscribe.

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