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“So firstly to get ps4 cheat walking boots want to connected to your ps4 viable viable payload. So go to your course latitude. And then any bit border and then the payload once it s awaiting the pillow by using your ipv4 address of a same part which i use once it s injected. The you should get green text on my same payload injected successfully and refresh process is wood.

Sure of the game of welcomes to event make sure you select a boot open. Once the process is show up make sure you set up 2 3. Number for execute more down and then find what your armor ru is and change it to what about his nice very starchy that s village make sure. 4.

Bytes. You selected an exact value of m press start let s go okay so once the stalks. I m finish you ll be greeted with a lot. And i mean a lot of different addresses.

So tanara. Via trusty styled shoot. Some bullets. Ahead and change.

The number of what harmony bullet. Sharp. Now and then press next gun once hot stoned you should have a very very limited amount of villager. Sees now let s go for a woman change.

Whichever one actually affects your armor mine was the first one which was look here okay so now. I m gonna do something a little more complex as you can see you tactical and so you grenades and stuff. They don t really have a number value. But if you look i have to fostering it s awesome really over here so because i have to i m gonna put to the value.

Okay. So as you can see i have a lot again so just throw. One of them so now we have would i then change the value to 1 and click next. I just still have a lot so it s going to do it again for oliver.

And change the value to zero and press next. Con okay. So now i have a lot less and once again the first one was actually the correct one for me. So as you can see i have on the b head around okay.

So now we re gonna look at the grenades and basically because we got there from one grenade. We re gonna have to value so. We ll have one up a star and then zero ones. We love them kinnaird.

So we don t really have a lot of love is to go after minimize the amount of addressee copy. The address. Which was for you tactical so a search would did you follow you as the deep scar. Once i stood you have thousands of words because a lot if i use the one so you know just what if fragra ned so now your value 0.

Are you going to search for 0. Let s go one for sharp magica see sort of a lot but we can t really because we can t throw any validates our goods have to deal with it so as you can see you go to what to find an address. Which is similar to the overworld. We used soviet rest.

I found was actually starting with two one air toward a world. The faulty which picked his room to set region. So as you can see what exchange value. Okay a lot what it is so now about which attempted to change your name.

The names are marcos feel really strange so it doesn t actually change the scoreboard name. I just change your feed so to find c name you re going to change. We ve dropped down to a string and then typing name into the value. And it has to be the exact same paradism to your name is make sure of this exact value is selected and press first car so as you can see just like the canary.

I have a lot of addresses. Which came up so we are unfortunately going to have to go through them all until we find the correct one. But i was skipping this part okay so i actually found the correct address and as you can see it does actually tell you him again. But he got renamed.

He said. I fight us go ahead and try find someone and kill them if they call me will actually say it will actually change the feed so it ll say about my name you change to was killed ” ..

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