Fix Windows 10 Update Error We Couldn t Install Some Updates Because the PC Was Turned Off

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Today, would like to introduce to you Fix Windows 10 Update Error We Couldn t Install Some Updates Because the PC Was Turned Off . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Hello. Everyone how are you doing. This is mdtech here with another quick tutorial in in today s the tour i m gonna show you guys how to hopefully resolve windows 10 update error we couldn t salsa my teeth. Because the pc was turned off so hopefully.

This should be a pretty straightforward tutorial today and without further ado let s jump it into it so we re gonna start by opening up the start menu just left go and start on one time. And you want to type in services into the start menu search best match to come back with desktop app. Right below services. You want to right click on that and then left click on run as administrator.

You now you want to go down to the windows update servers. So just scroll down on this list to get to near the bottom..

Where it says windows update. Right here double click order if service status says running you want a left click on stop. And then you want to go ahead and left going okay so the next thing. I would suggest you guys do would be to open up the start menu type in windows explorer best match to come back with file explorer.

Left click on that one time. Now you want to go ahead on the left side and left click on this pc. And then you want to go underneath. What your local disk is here so local disk c.

Drive. Wherever..

Windows is installed on mon double click on that drive and now you want to double click on windows now you want to go up and left go on the view tab up here and then left click on options on the right side left go and change folder and search options. Now let s go on the view tab inside this little window here underneath hidden files. And folders you want to select show hidden files. Folders and drives.

And i m not going applying ok. Now that you ve done that now in this window. You ll want to scroll down to get to system 32. Right here double click on that now you want to scroll down to you two can t route and cat route.

You do not want to do anything in they can t root folder. You only want to go inside cat or rude with the two next to it so again cat route..

You want to double click on cat route anything in here you just want to highlight over and you want to deleted. So again. I m just gonna highlight over all the selections in here either left going to leak here in a keyboard or right click on the highlighted selection here and then just select delete from the drop down menu. Whichever you prefer i mean both ways are pretty straightforward put something you might need to provide administrator privileges.

So just be aware of that but should we appreciate forward process so so any folders that cannot be completed just left will undo this for all current items and skip soto just skip over this folder. It s not a big deal and then select skip now that you ve done that i would suggest restarting your computer. Once you ve restarted your computer you can go ahead and try and run another windows updates so just heading back over to the start menu assume you guys have already restarted your systems you just would go ahead and launch the windows up the utility. So just checking for updates.

Like you normally would and again you know depending on when you re doing this video. So microsoft changes around the windows..

10 lay up. I should be pretty consistent throughout unifirst. Minor cosmetic changes to the operating system that should be appreciated forward in terms of translating. It to newer versions that come out after this video was published see just really left click on check for update at this point again after restarting your computer and hopefully you will have been able to install those new updates so as always thank you guys for watching this brief tutorial doop.

I was able to help you out and i do look forward to catching you ” ..

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