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“Everyone this video comes from a request to explain how i choose the location on on my face. And another request to explain i found the general layout of my. But anything i say about this topic will only be based on my opinion and personal preference. You can probably build your base.

Almost anywhere depending on how you want to play. And what resources are important to you for me whenever i choose the location of my base. I like to prioritize resources that i cannot relocate. But that reason there are three biomes that i like to be close to obviously.

I can t always have a base that it s right x all three of them. But i can usually find a location that is reasonably close to at least a few of the biome. The first and most important biome for me that i like to be close to is the swamp area. The swamp area is where you will find the reach.

Which is one of the resources that i like to gather which cannot be relocated. We don t need leads in the same number that we do logs or grass. But it is still used to cross some very good items. There are also a lot of other very useful resources that are particularly helpful in the early game.

That i can find and gather by just walking around the swamp among these are food silk glands and tentacle sites. I don t even need to fight for these resources. The spiders tentacles and mermen do all the fighting for me. I also used to swamp early in the game.

The same way that some players use a vehicle owner. The swamp with all its moms can easily kill the hounds for me later on i can build a hound trap area or other things that can serve as my more permanent protection from hounds. The second biome that i like to be close to is a desert biome. I do this because of the tumbleweed.

Although the capsules are also a useful resource that cannot be relocated. It is really the tumbleweeds that i am after the tumbleweeds. Very quick way of gathering a lot of grass and flakes early in the game..

In the same time it will also provide a lot of early gold in the form of the trinkets that you can exchange for gold with the picking and although. It s only a small percentage. You can also find the very important gears from the tumble lease. While you are grabbing the grasp twigs and golden process lastly.

I like to be close to the mosaic biome. This is the least important of the three biomes for me. But the constant meteors to provide a good renewable source of rocks. Neither plant and moon rocks.

There are other ways of getting. These. Minerals with having a source conveniency near my base has helped a lot a few. Other things that i also consider when choosing the location of my base are wormholes the pig king and a cave entrance.

The wormhole in my base leads to one of my hound trap areas and it s also giving me a little bit close to the music mile. But you can use wormholes for many different purposes depending on where they lead and what you build on the other side. The big king is also useful you can easily get gold. Almost anytime you want if your base is located near the big king.

But i only consider it a bonus and not a deciding factor when i choose save location. It s more coincidental in this world that the pig king happen to be located in between the swamp and the desert. The dislocated far away i could limit the number of visits by bringing as many tradable items as possible overstock on gold whenever i needed to trade a natural deciding factor. When i choose the location is that i must be near a cave entrance.

I will almost always want a summer cave base which i will usually fill very near where the cave entrance will be this will make moving between the two bases and using arms from either of them. Convenient. The cave entrance should be close enough to feel like the que pase is only an extension on my main base being in the center of the map seemed like an ideal location to me in previous games. But i realized after a while that there are only a few places in the entire map that i will frequently return to these are the areas that are considered to be more important rather than trying to be in the center of everything you it is important for me to know when planning the layoffs of my base as certain events can only happen or will only happen more frequently and my character is near the area of the event.

The scarecrow farm is a lot more productive when i am near it the game has been mechanic that sort of freezes or slows down. What can happen when we are not in the vicinity of an area in the case of the gecko farm. The more time i spend near the area the geckos on the more productive..

This will be therefore. I want the gecko farm closer to my main area or i will typically spend most of my time my main area in the base will typically have the crock pot. The icebox. The chest area.

The bird cage and whatever else i frequently use like farms and drying rack. If an area. My base is affected positively by by being close to it when i want it close to my main area. But there seems to be more negative events that can happen when i am close to an area it doesn t take long for thee boxes to reach the maximum of six honey per box.

Even as my d box area is far away from my main area a significant negative for me is when the beasts turn aggressive during spring. I can contain them with a census as long as there is an access that leads to a safe area for the aggressive heat. There is no exit. The bees will ignore the fences completely and just fly over them.

But even with apprentice. A few bees will still manage to fly over the fences once in a while a few angry bees might not seem like a big deal even a single bee can cause a lot of trouble with its effect. Another mob in my face. So.

The beatboxers have a negative effect. If it was too close for my main area by keeping them far away the movement of the bees will sort of freeze until i decide to go near the area again. It doesn t matter that i have a lot of mobs near the bee box area this is how close i am to the bees that will determine whether or not they interact with the other mod. If both both then is another area that has a negative effect during spring.

That i normally want to avoid the goats can attract lightning and even if you place lightning rods near the go lightning can still strike them a charged fault code will turn highly aggressive and even attack a nearby wall defenses similar to freezing the events in the beatbox area. If i stay away from the ball coach. None of them can be struck by lightning. I would normally build the pen as far away as the b boxes that way.

I can safely stay away from either area during spring. My bunny farm and my pig farm are sort of mutual areas their production isn t really affected by how close i am to them. I just place them near enough that it isn t a bother to walk over whenever i want to farm them as long as i keep the bunnies walled in their aggression towards me..

When i carry meat will not be an issue. I only built this bunny farm a little bit away from my main area. Because i had the materials to build it before i had the materials to build the fences. But i would have preferred it to be a little bit closer to my main area.

My pig farm is pretty close to my main area. And i do not wall them in but as long as the pigs are preoccupied with trying to get the food that they cannot reach the pigs do not scatter about where i might not want them to go and even as where pigs during a full moon. They will remain perfectly harmless. My spider farm has a positive and a negative effect.

If i were to build it close to the main area of my base the more time i spend near the spider farm. The more productive. It will be i have enough bunnies in here to handle a spider queen. Whenever this produced from a theory.

Met before the spider queen is killed by the bunnies. She will leave behind a tier. One net to automatically repeat the cycle for me so i don t ever have to go in there until i want to gather all the loop. So the spiders and the bunnies will only really fight each other when you re near the area.

So there are reasons to have the spider farm close to my main area instead of where i built it. But the negative of frequently being close to the spider farm is that spider kings can spawn in the daytime. When the bunnies are still in their houses. The queen s are not actually spawn unless you are near the area.

I knew at the time that this was very likely to happen given how long i ve been away from this area and without all the bunnies around the spider queen and i spiders can start destroying the wall. It seems like such a small negative. But i already know that just this one spider net. Even if it is far away from my main area will already produce more than enough loot.

So for this world. I chose to build it away from my main area. I did however place the spider farm in an area that i pacify from time to time so that the bunnies and the spiders continue to fight each other in this case..

It s located near my cave entrance. Which although away from my main area is still something that i frequently use for berry bushes. You can limit the frequency of disease by placing them away from your main area. This is what i did in this other world disease is a negative event that will only happen when i m close to the berry bushes.

But also placing them far away from the areas that i frequently stay has limited the berry bushes. I ve lost in this other world. It doesn t completely prevent disease in my experience. I don t exactly know how far you have to be to prevent an event from happening.

But in this particular case. I know i ve gotten disease berry bushes by being a full screen away from them and without even seeing any of them on my screen for hound trap areas. I place them away from everything or on the other side of wormholes you can protect yourself from the fire hound by placing your trap area in fireproof locations over the health of lingam attics. But i can t really do that because of all the animals that i keep all around my days.

I don t want to risk any hounds spawning near or even inside the animal pen. But i can use my pig farm. Which is far enough away from the animal tent against the hounds as long as there are no fire home using the pigs occasionally for hounds. It s one of the reasons.

I do not keep the take to log in that s about everything i consider when i found the location and the layout of my day. It s almost summer in my world and one last tip here about the random fires caused by the summer heat. I ve never experienced a random summer fire during the first two days and the last two days of summer also i can stay at my surface base during summer. Without worrying about fires as long as i am only here during dusk or nighttime.

This is helpful when i forget or suddenly need something from the surface. What also fires to not start when i do this the crops in my ponds can wither and die from my being here during the summer random fires during summer are also an event that can only happen when we are near an area and that is the reason for having a separate summer base that s all for now guys. Thank you for watching. And i ll see you next time ” .

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